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Protecting the Rights of Wyoming's Working Families

For 59 years, the affiliates of Wyoming State AFL-CIO and their members have been fighting for Wyoming's working families.  We work in the halls of the Wyoming legislature, in our communities, and at our workplaces to ensure every worker has access to a wage that supports their families, fair and safe working conditions, and a pension that allows our most experienced workers the ability to retire with dignity.  
Our 6,000 + members proudly represent over 60 labor unions in Wyoming, and we work closely with the other 8,000 union members who stand beside us in supporting workers and working families.

Please contact us if you are interested in joining or forming a union.


What We Believe In

The Wyoming State AFL-CIO’s mission is to responsibly serve the interests of all Americans, effectively organize working men and women, combat the forces seeking to undermine democratic institutions and enslave the human soul, and to win respect for the dignity of all who are served by our union.

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